WASH Facility Inaugurated and handed over to Kirtipur Municipality

Kirtipur : Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Facility was inaugurated by Mr. Ramesh Maharjan, Mayor, Kirtitipur Municipality amid an inauguration program organized on 23rdMarch, 2021 at the Solid Waste Collection Center, Naya Bazar, Ward-9, Kirtipur. On the same occasion,Ms. Bhawana Sharma,Executive Director,ENPHO handed over the WASH facility to and Mr. Ramesh Maharjan, Mayor, and MsSaraswatiRijalKhadka,Deputy Mayor, of Kirtipur Municipality. Along with this, the municipality would now be liable for the operation, maintenance and sustainable management of the facilities.

ENPHO in collaboration with Kirtipur Municipality, with the financial support of Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) under the Under Integrated Urban Water Management at the Centre of Municipal Public Services Project, constructed the WASH facility inside solid waste management center. The construction has been undertaken at the site managed by the municipality at the SWM Center, with the aims to provide proper personal hygiene for sanitation workers employed at garbage collection center.

Mr. GyanBajra Maharjan, Head of Social Development Unit of the Municipality facilitated the program and Mr. Aman Maharjan, Coordinator of Environment and Forest Committee and Chairperson of Ward 10, welcomed all the guests and participants.

Mr. Prashanna Man Pradhan, Senior Program Manager, ENPHO, recalled initial process of constructing well-furnished WASH facilities and the potential challenges in future operation. He highlighted that the facility is a new initiative of breaking stereotype of public toilets that exists in the valley into well- furnish toilets with access to basic sanitation and hygiene features, along with bathing units, laundry services equipped with washing machines and RO filter for safe water availability. He claimed the facility to be the first of its kind under the public toilet domain with all the water, sanitation services facilities packaged under one room. He thanked municipality for the constant support received even during travel restrictions for its successful completion within very short timeframed. He also ensured to provide further technical support and orientation required for the O&M of the facility to the sanitation workers at the center.

“The features of WASH facilities have provided opportunity for dignified services to the sanitation workers of the SWM center. Business plan and ownership of the unit should be the next important step to be taken forward for its sustainable use.” highlighted Ms. Bhawana Sharma.

Mr. Harsa Maharjan, Coordinator of WASH Committee and Chairperson of Ward 1 added, “The municipality and solid waste management service providers should set exemplary model with its efficient management for its replication and be the knowledge hub for sharing such initiative to other municipalities.”

Deputy Mayor, Ms. Saraswati RijalKhadka, appreciated the successful collaboration for the construction of SMART sanitation facility, ensuring convenience for everyone with its disable and users friendly facility at the center.”

“Solid waste management is one of the indicator for any livable cities. The municipality has commenced many initiatives under solid waste management and we are happy to implement paradigm shift for public sanitation facility. The service users’ expansion would add in the income generation and operation of the unit.”, shared Mayor, Ramesh Maharjan and assured for its efficient operation and maintenance.

Mr. Ganga Maharjan, Ward President, Ward 10, ensured to keep up the operation and maintenance through action plan under committee, that can be formed in collaboration of service operators, ward and the municipality.

The 710 Sq. ft. WASH facility center includes: separate toilets with urinals for male and bathing units for male and female sanitation workers, handwashing basins, lockers, sitting lounge, laundry with washing machine, RO filter, dug-well, 1000ltr. overhead PVC tank, 5000ltr. reserve tank, and pump facilities within the site of the total cost of NRs. NRs.46,26,801.39 (NRs. Forty-Six Lakhs Twenty-Six Thousand Eight Hundred and One Rupees and Thirty-Nine Paisa only).

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